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Cloud scheduling solution

A, project overview

"Cloud" scheduling platform follow NGN business and separation, the separation of bearing and access control architecture of hierarchical block, can provide new expand rapidly in business application layer, business management and scheduling of business communication with other areas such as video, meetings, monitoring, monitoring system integration, implementation of voice business, video monitoring, video conference and video business integration, and on the basis of realizing the linkage of the business, such as scheduling, voice/video/audio and video linkage positioning information linkage scheduling, etc.

Second, the solution


Three, solution features

1) platform cloud cloud deployment, business processing

Core platform in the cloud deployment of dual-computer hot standby (HA), communications, business process, the entire network resources sharing among the clouds, make business more rich and has higher security and reliability of the front-end only need to configure the access devices and dispatching terminal.

2) recording data cloud storage

In the process of communication system security, to the operation instructions and other important scheduling sound recording or video recording, the complete record the dispatcher station and scheduling communication phone call records, can for future accident analysis and daily management to provide the raw data, is an important part of scheduling system. However, sound recording or video recording system in the running process will produce a large number of real-time data, and accumulated in the process of long-term application of vast amounts of data, resulting in a series of storage and management problems. Cloud scheduling system based on cloud scheduling and high-speed packet data network platform, the effective integration of independent storage nodes on the network, without any increase in new equipment, don't change the physical location of hardware, implements the recording file of cloud storage, solve the problem of massive information storage and management, fully guarantee the entire network storage and effective use of the tape recording file security, find the accident responsibility for electric power dispatching communication department, supervision work quality to provide important means and basis.

3) a variety of backup mechanism

Scheduling the core component of softswitch equipment with the method of the 1 + 1 hot standby, can effectively guarantee the reliability of the equipment, the scheduling of cloud platform through IP network real-time data synchronization between the server and ensure business migration, scheduling and dispatching command personnel original user data, used in business, the consistency, improve the high stability of the system and implementation system of the fault of transparent processing.

4) more than business subsystem linkage

Fusion technology is the foundation of scheduling platform infrastructure cloud, cloud operation platform based on the fusion technology of multimedia resources for abstract encapsulation for upper business calls, so the cloud scheduling platform not only can realize multiple factory scheduling softswitch equipment access, and also support across business calls the resources of the system, and through the platform subsystem functions within the business logic module implements the interaction of each business subsystem resources to provide integrated news and unity cooperation ability. Such as cloud dispatching platform combines the video monitoring system, can realize on the scheduling table view image video monitor and control the camera haeundae, as well as the realization of audio and video linkage.

5) multistage visualization scheduling command authority

Cloud scheduling system provides the function of multistage scheduling command authority, scope of members of the scheduling and dispatching function for customized Settings, for different level commanders and regional branches to provide flexible command dispatching business.

6) rich multimedia scheduling function

Cloud scheduling system to provide clients with practical visual command scheduling function, for production scheduling and emergency treatment of voice calls, conference call, radio calls, intercom call forward, video monitoring, video, audio and video linkage, multimedia functions such as personnel positioning and scheduling, provide live audio and video information, scheduling command commander can also remote images of the scheduling, control, video surveillance, command and scheduling for all functions, such as to perform his command, grouping, directing, reporting, command switch, coordinating, monitoring, surveillance, image scheduling command, call forwarding, command and command preview image, etc.

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