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Intelligent store management solutions

Problems faced by enterprise store management

With the continuous development of modern enterprises, such as the rapid increase in the number of chain stores, which not only greatly increased the workload of the field management, but also on the management of the effectiveness of the proposed no small challenge. First is the scene management, due to corporate stores number and geographical distribution of a wide, traditional artificial patrol shop need to invest a lot of manpower, not only management difficulty is big, cost is high, and the feedback is not timely, low efficiency and is also difficult to make a rapid and accurate analysis of the impact of the profitability of stores core factors. Since enterprises rely on around the store merchandise sales as the main basis for the analysis and management of store, even in order to develop marketing strategies, and simple according to sales volume to develop marketing strategies is far from enough, each store traffic, bag rate, conversion rate, guest unit price, business data analysis is also essential.

How to solve the problem of intelligent store management system

In view of the above background intelligent store management system to carry out needed, through the integration of summary deployment of enterprise in all stores the video image resources and intelligent data statistics and analysis, to help enterprises to carry out visual remote store management work.

Intelligent store management system can be used for remote video patrol shop, managers through simple and easy to use the client to browse the various stores of real-time HD video image. Can also configure the intelligent passenger flow analysis equipment accurate statistics of all the number of people in and out of the store, and integrated marketing data to automatically generate a detailed professional statements, to assist managers to make accurate market judgment and management decisions.


system architecture

Intelligent store management system needs to be deployed in the corporate headquarters and stores. The intelligent store management server, which is based on the headquarters, is the information processing, equipment management and authority management center of the whole system, and it also realizes the centralized dispatching, forwarding and storage of the video resources of each store. Store the deployment of high-definition cameras, guest flu know, HD video recorder. The camera is used for audio and video encoding, video recorder for video and image capture. Communication between headquarters and stores based on Internet deployment, due to the use of a unique video compression technology, based on ADSL can transmit HD video.


Remote patrol

Intelligent store management system with perfect remote patrol shop ", with high quality and rich audio and video resources can be carried out including commodity display, shopping guide specification, the implementation of promotional activities, training and operational guidance, personnel evaluation, all kinds of management work. At the same time, the flat system architecture allows the company's management at all levels can be accessible to the store, at any time to control the forefront of information.

Quickly locate target stores

Can quickly locate the target store by the simple store structure table and the online electronic map. Enter the store page, click on the store layout map of the camera icon in real-time browsing the image, the operation is simple and convenient.

Your remote visiting stores

By high-speed ball type video camera can view panoramic image store and online control direction and focal length of camera view local details such as a welcome, cashier, display of goods, the price tag, store layout. System supports multi screen browser, can view multiple stores.

At any time and store voice communication

System is equipped with excellent performance of voice intercom equipment, in the tour shop once found exceptions can call the store, and the store staff to guide the work. At the same time, voice equipment can also be used as a shop daily training tools.

High efficiency automatic patrol

System with automatic shop inspection function, can set the camera periodicity in special scene to automatically capture, and automatic archiving and generate reports, to equipment management to facilitate browsing, annotation.

Support online assessment

Management staff in view of store video, listening to the sound of the scene at the same time, can fill in online inspection records, the system will automatically generate evaluation report. In addition, the function module can also be docked with the enterprise daily evaluation system, help to optimize the management process of the enterprise.

Convenient mobile applications

System to support mobile client applications, managers can use mobile phones, tablet PCs and other devices login system, to carry out daily patrol shop applications or view the report, the store is always in control of the situation.

Intelligent store management system is equipped with a professional precision of the passenger perception of equipment, in the need to count the flow of places (such as the entrance) to install the flu know. After a simple set, you can get the exact store passenger data, and then the output of professional analysis report.

Generate reports in a timely manner

Intelligent store management system is equipped with a professional precision of the passenger perception of equipment, in the need to count the flow of places (such as the entrance) to install the flu know. After a simple set, you can get the exact store passenger data, and then the output of professional analysis report.

Professional data analysis

The system not only can quickly statistics the passenger flow data, but also can carry on the statistical analysis to the passenger flow law. Can access the POS system, import sales data, automatic calculation of bag rate, conversion rate and customer unit, comprehensive analysis of report generation.

In-depth information mining

System provides multi store comparison function, convenient intuitive showed all of the store's profitability, can through the data collection analysis of customer focus on commodity degree, which provides more practical advice and guidance to the management decision.

Auxiliary information analysis

System can automatically get around the weather, holidays and other information, using data analysis reference, so as to help managers to predict the impact of environmental factors on the business.

How to optimize the layout of the stores and display, make merchandise display to promote sales expected to reach? How to accurately grasp the real customer preferences and concerns, discern trends in the market? To solve these problems, high precision based video analysis technology, launched a hotspot analysis system, in every shop in the micro operation of mining sensitive commercial information, to help enterprises in macro grasp the trends in the development of the market, quickly make accurate decision.

Optimize the layout, improve product sales opportunities

Through the accurate detection of the customer in the shop's walking direction, route, combining with the furnishings store, statistical analysis out store hot region and path, and provide suggestion to optimize the layout to the merchant, improve the efficiency of the store business.

Focus on hot spots, grasp the direction of product development

In the focus of commodity display area, the deployment of professional awareness of the device, to capture every customer's behavior, and then statistical analysis of the customer's attention. To capture the direction of the development of new products, commodity pricing adjustment, to carry out promotional activities to provide intuitive, scientific data reference.

System advantage

Intelligent store management system uses a unique low bandwidth video processing technology, each store only need ordinary ADSL network can upload HD store video, without the need for expensive network costs. In addition, the system also has the equipment automatic inspection, easy to recycle, multi system compatibility and so on.

high definition

System inherited the advanced technology in the field of high-definition video, can fully support 720p/1080p HD performance, so that managers can clearly see all aspects of the details of the store, to ensure the quality of the remote inspection shop.

Low bandwidth transmission

System uses a unique high-definition video processing technology, to achieve a high transmission performance through the use of low bandwidth HD video streaming. Stores can be carried out only with the existing ADSL network can be carried out without the need to increase network resources, saving costs.

Easy to recycle

All equipment can easily remove the move to other stores to repeat the use, whether it is a video recorder or a video camera, you simply need to install it, you do not have to change the cumbersome configuration. Camera with automatic focusing function


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