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Railway HD video monitoring system solution

According to the middle and long term railway network plan, as of the end of 2015, 42 high-speed railway passenger dedicated line in China will be built up, the basic on built to "four vertical and four horizontal" as the skeleton of the rapid passenger transport network, total mileage will exceed 19000km. Along with the high-speed railway construction and railway management are fine, the original analog video surveillance system has been unable to meet the demand for video surveillance, the site is more and more in the building has begun to high-definition video surveillance system planning.

First, the overall system architecture

Railway integrated video monitoring system is a multi-level management, multi hop, multilevel storage for a large network of video surveillance system, according to the current situation and demand of railway video monitoring, under the framework of "technical specification of railway integrated video monitoring system", UOB shares for the railway industry tailored to different solutions. System networking mode is shown in figure 1.



Figure 1 railway HD video surveillance system networking solutions

Video monitoring system by video acquisition, video access node (class I and class II), constitute a video region node and video transmission network, including video access node, passenger dedicated video node and network video transmission system shared video acquisition and monitoring terminal can set up according to the needs of the system, on many occasions can also realize the sharing system.

The monitoring center of passenger dedicated line is the scheduling and management center of the whole integrated video surveillance system. Monitor center image call mode to support automatic polling, manual adjustment to see the way.

Monitoring and control sub center to achieve the jurisdiction of the video capture terminal subsystem, partition and remote monitoring and real-time image call. In the scheduling of the relevant departments, such as power and traction power supply, maintenance, motor car use, train control, passenger service, disaster prevention and safety monitoring, and safety supervision room set up monitoring center, also in the (comprehensive maintenance department, the public security departments) along the supervisor sets up the sub control center.

The spot monitoring point camera (video capture point) nearby access each video access node, and accept the monitoring center instruction. In Passenger Dedicated Line Corporation, Train Operation Depot / station, work area, integrated maintenance management center, traction substation, signal relay station, range of wireless base station and communication room equipped with video access node.

Two, I kind of site, class II site

After analyzing the current situation of the railway industry, the network (see Figure 2) is recommended for the first class and the second site of the transmission channel, which is recommended to use the HD front end +NVR.


Figure 2 small site HD networking solutions

Three, the railway HD video surveillance system

Station video monitoring system is responsible for the completion of the front end of the audio and video information, alarm information collection, caching, encoding, storage and transmission and other functions, and can receive control instructions from the network.

Railway high-definition video surveillance system using digital way, mainly including equipment are as follows: high-definition network camera, NVR network hard disk recorders, alarm input output device, voice intercom equipment, server network management, video management platform.

1, security area monitoring



Monitoring point distribution layout see Figure 4

1 point: passengers into the pit mouth, in the security instrument conveyor belt placed items. In the security apparatus to top or side installation high-definition network camera, monitoring scope for items from the placement into the security apparatus box. Security administrator can browse the entire transfer process in real time.

2 that is a: passengers enter the security gate were detected and personnel to enter the security door, in opposite and security doors installed set up high-definition network camera, monitoring scope is from the members of the security door upper part of the body to the top safety gate. Focus on the facial features of the collection staff to provide high-definition image data, image data, video data to achieve key personnel to detect and store, in order to provide effective data for the background management.

3 point: passengers through the security door, the station security personnel to carry out a full body check. In the security door at the top or outside the installation of high-definition network cameras installed, or in combination with the original station camera, the overall monitoring of security personnel on the passenger inspection process. Management personnel to achieve the direct supervision of the security personnel management.

4 point: the end of passenger inspection, security instrument to complete the scanning items, through the conveyor belt to goods came from the black box. At the top or side of the security instrument installation of high-definition network camera, or in combination with the original station camera, monitoring the perspective of the completion of the safety inspection from the passengers, to remove items from the conveyor belt. To achieve security administrators to take the process of passengers to monitor the management of the process.

2, transmission equipment

The transmission device is composed of an optical fiber transceiver and a network switch, and the optical fiber transceiver is mainly used for the photoelectric signal conversion of the network camera. According to the actual situation on the interface is provided with a Gigabit fiber switch for video data uploaded to the monitoring center.

3, storage equipment

Because of the relatively large number of HD points, storage time is relatively long (30d), therefore, the required storage capacity is also larger. Storage scheme using NVR dynamic detection of video storage or regular video storage way, namely, by in the monitoring center deployed NVR equipment to Taiwan the frontend partition video to provide access respectively, the client can real-time monitoring and video playback through access platform, but also through direct access to the NVR front-end video and query video browsing.

4, system function overview

Video management platform to achieve key monitoring site, focusing on live video, video retrieval and playback, alarm auxiliary processing, intelligent video analysis, video service interface, video background management and video database management function.

Video surveillance: site monitoring center and superior management platform according to needs, you can always see the site any one or a plurality of video, and video recording, playback, capture and other functions.

Alarm processing: for the station, the line of the alarm information, monitoring the central end of the sound and light alarm, voice alarm, and other ways to prompt, and automatically record the alarm, open the monitoring point of the monitoring information.

Intelligent analysis: when there is any of the following circumstances occur, the system automatically generates the acoustic optical alarm, and the alarm video pop-up: tripwire crossing area detection, intrusion detection, a fence across detection, loitering, items left behind and moving detection, fast moving video detection, anomaly detection.

Remote control: site monitoring center and superior management platform can be remote control station end of the video processing unit, the implementation of manual recording, time recording, alarm trigger video, picture movement detection.

System resource management and monitoring: basic information and configuration parameters of equipment, system function, system data and so on.

System operation monitoring: remote monitoring and control of video equipment, server, system software, application software and user operation.

Operation and maintenance of intelligent: management system of video equipment, service platform, network equipment (routing, switches), database middleware for running information collecting and statistics; support video equipment inspection, center video inspection, video quality diagnosis and report generation.

Four, the end of the language

Based on network technology, video coding technology is updated, the high speed rail passenger station video surveillance system has been gradually to the networking, HD development and integration of video surveillance system outside the peripheral security subsystem, and application of intelligent analysis technology, the formation of management system with comprehensive and practical.


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