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Chain hotel emergency alarm solution

Xiamen Gulangyu Islet, Sanya Hainan, Yangshuo Guangxi, Beijing the Imperial Palace, West Lake Hangzhou...... These tourist attractions for having heard it many times is attracting more and more tourists to visit. In recent years, the development of the global tourism industry, the hotel industry has also presented an unprecedented opportunity for development.

But, behind the thriving in the hotel industry, also appeared in the many restless: hotel fire accidents happen occasionally, some lawbreakers choose the hotel as a place of crime, hotel staff was peeping phenomenon is have occurred... Hotel security guard began to receive more attention.


Hotel security is no time to delay

The characteristics of the hotel open business, determines its access to a wide range of personnel, and foreign personnel, mobile personnel accounted for the vast majority of. This is the criminals sneak into the hotel, opportunistic crime may be provided.

More than a month ago, all kinds of hotel security incidents are still fresh in our memory, Beijing and cheek Hotel woman is forced to drag, 90 couples in a chain hotel is candid, women's living four-star hotel inexplicable was hit, and some of the hotel elevator accidents and so on, hotel accidents, not only a threat to personal and property safety of guests, but also seriously affected the hotel's reputation and business. In addition, the hotel itself there is a big fire and other security risks, therefore, for the hotel, the construction of security is no time to delay.


Hotel monitoring system to keep the loophole"

At present, under the mandatory requirements of relevant policies, the general hotels, hotels and other lodging places all installed corresponding security system. Among them, video surveillance system is the standard, often when we access to various types of hotel, from the hotel lobby, elevator to guest room corridors everywhere the figure of monitoring products.

These monitoring products really fully play its role?? actually otherwise. At present, the hotel surveillance system still exist some loopholes: monitoring equipment is broken there is no timely replacement; quality is not clear, is difficult to distinguish the monitor screen; hotel monitoring points more and transfer of video trouble.

But in the biggest holes, unable to monitor active alarm, when people in the hotel to encounter risks, monitoring system will record the moment, but the accident site is not unsolicited alarm signal, can not be timely for the relevant personnel to provide help. To judge whether there is abnormal situation in the hotel, only by monitoring center on duty personnel to observe and judge the human eye. So to timely grasp the hotel dynamic and duty personnel often need eyes staring at the screen will not only burden on staff on duty, and may also ignore the important monitor screen.

Monitor the vulnerability of a variety of factors, but any kind of situation, it is likely to have very serious consequences, to the hotel and Check Inn Hotel caused huge security risks.


Ai Lian emergency alarm solution

Recently, in order to create a safer and more comfortable environment Hotel, a hotel chain comprehensive upgrade hotel security systems, security equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen aili'an as the alarm system is the only designated provider, for the hotel provides a convenient and safe emergency alarm solutions.


To the hotel project, emergency alarm device is very simple to install hotel each conspicuous place installation of emergency button or foot switch, when the hotel staff in case of an emergency, touch emergency button or foot switch, the device will for the first time the signals are transmitted to a management center, notification management personnel promptly rushed to the scene of the accident, at the same time, by starting in the vicinity of the alarm system, deter criminals. Equipment itself with anti demolition, anti shear line function, when the destruction of the time, but also can play a warning role in the killing of the crime in the cradle.

Advantages of an emergency alarm system:

Compared with the monitoring system of hindsight, always to the role after the accident to take advantage of emergency alarm system:

1, easy to operate. Emergency alarm system just touch the button and the switch will be able to call the police immediately, for the hotel staff, it is very convenient. For the hotel management personnel security system, only the number of sectors, we can easily obtain the alarm information.

2, the alarm information is accurate. Each alarm point has a corresponding sector number, an alarm occurs, security personnel can through the sector number known related alarm standoff information and police intelligence is more accurate.

3, real-time alarm. The emergency alarm system has the advantages of immediate alarm and quick response.


Hotel safety accidents occurred frequently and management attention, let safety construction and hotel industry continues to face change, a single security system can no longer meet the needs of safety construction of the hotel, a comprehensive security solution becomes the trend of hotel security emergency alarm system by borrow its unique advantages will become Hotel integrated security system is the essential part of.

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