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Intelligent building hd video surveillance solutions


Taken the system overview

As security system received widespread attention in various industries, businesses and smart home security systems have strong applications, the security has played a positive role for the user. Enterprise/intelligent residential management system to effectively improve the safety management of enterprises, residential area and intelligent management level, to monitor the whole situation of monitoring area, the personnel to monitor the suspicious behavior, and according to the actual need for video storage, alarm linkage and other related operations. And to support mobile terminal system, can be viewed at any time through the mobile terminal equipment for remote video, yuntai control, can be in any place can deal with emergencies in a timely manner. Michael bell smart hd scheme, not only can monitor each scenario, clearly characteristic of the intelligent analysis module, to face, which can identify the area of intrusion detection, personalized video subdivision technology able to quickly locate the redundancy of video, many manufacturers can greatly improve the compatibility, the front-end equipment maintain flexibility.

Taken the system composition

1. The front-end monitoring equipment: analog cameras, network hard disk video recorders, network cameras, etc.

2. Intelligent integrated monitor server: each monitoring point to point video uploaded to Dict monitoring server, and according to the configuration of the corresponding video storage, alarm linkage.

3. The central management server: a unified information management of all business functions and configuration, warehousing, according to the configuration information, basic data from database, and arrange them, and returned to the client.

4. On the wall server: from the integration of intelligent monitoring server for monitoring video displayed on the wall.

5. Network management server: by intelligent integrated monitoring server parameter configuration, time synchronization, on the front end equipment condition monitoring, condition monitoring for the platform of the other server.

6. Intelligent analysis server: docking with the integration of intelligent monitoring server streaming video to complete for intrusion behavior analysis, crossing the line detection, monitoring can be intelligent analysis of events or actions.

7. Monitoring terminal: can include PC client and mobile phone monitoring terminal, through the integration of intelligent monitoring server provides the interface login authentication, node device tree information and other related video stream, to show them.

Taken the system characteristics

1. Support seamless access to a variety of products

2. Support the front-end equipment and condition monitoring platform server

3. Support functions of electronic map, intuitive view the equipment state and video information

4. Support for multiple intelligence analysis, alarm, the traditional passive monitoring mode from active detection, defense, greatly improve the work efficiency

5. Have good extensibility and compatibility

Taken the system function

1. To the point to point video real-time monitoring, and can be remotely read according to actual demand, improve the supervision, and be submitted to the remote download

2. Support multiple video video storage for a long time

3. Can be set up for grouping monitoring picture preview, set the tour plan and plan, to carry on the omni-directional wheel surveillance video tour

4. Monitoring based on multiple planar map, can display the location of point to point, read all the real-time monitoring of point to point video images, and video

5. Support for multiple intelligence analysis, such as intrusion detection, crossing the line detection, face recognition applications

Taken the bell intelligent building hd video system structure diagram


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