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Dict hospital hd digital surveillance system solutions

An overview, hospital video monitoring system requirements

As the technique of security system and further perfect and improve, make the health care industry has the condition and ability to apply the latest high-tech scientific and technological achievements, to lead the industry into a new stage, with the most advanced and most timely medical treatment service, establishing the image of their own industry, and efficient service for the user. In order to promote the hospital modernization, the specific requirements of efficient management, cloud electric information combined with the current industry development level, using advanced technology, use secure and reliable network monitoring solution that will monitor system integration, network is met the need of the development of the hospital security work.

In recent years, some criminals evil hand to hospital, serious damage to the hospital and the patient's life and property safety, they practice the steak, stolen, robbed, destroy the despicable means to disturb the order of hospital work, steal others' money, destruction of social order. For the sake of our health, for the sake of social peace, good hospital environment by the wide attention of the society, in order to better improve the hospital environment, for building a harmonious socialist society easy access to a basic work to create conditions. Cloud electric information by means of advanced technology, to a certain region within the scope of possible intrusion behavior, and to timely alarm event capture, processing and record the relevant images, to automatically record of important places in and out of the situation, provide effective protection for important areas and so on, is the goal of the security system, prevention is better than emergency, improve the security of hospital level, strengthening the protection length of the hospital is imminent.

Hospital personnel composition is very complicated in public places, considering the characteristics of the hospital itself, with the rapid development of computer technology and network technology, the world has a powerful wave of digital and networking, hospital monitoring system is mainly to in and out of the hospital personnel and to monitor the patient's condition. Hospital departments, more complex in personnel, in order to ensure the safety of hospital and patient to the hospital to establish a set of intelligent digital monitoring system is indispensable. At the same time monitoring and control system has a broad application prospect in the hospital, small to endoscopic imaging of gastrointestinal disease, big to a variety of images of comprehensive diagnosis of disease, as well as long-distance remote expert consultation and surgery teaching, for the operating room, due to the indoor area restrictions and operation instruction, can't hold a lot of people, especially the narrow surgical site, this time using a special camera system, near to the operating room the multi-angle camera on metope, will be able to details in the operation, for the training of medical students and staff skills are very beneficial. So security digital network monitoring system in the new hospital its functions in addition to the traditional security monitoring, also guarantee is the infection of patients is not affected by the outside world to bring security, therefore is security in the broadest sense of the term.

To promote the hospital modernization, the specific requirements of efficient management, cloud electric information is combined with the current industry development level, using advanced technology, adopt the safe and reliable design of network monitoring, the monitoring system integration, network is in conformity with the hospital security work development needs, also is the future trend of the monitoring system, and the flexibility, openness and scalability of the network video monitoring, video monitoring is also promoting hospital extends to the wider application fields. In addition to realize the traditional security applications, networked hospital monitoring solution also for surgery teaching, remote visitation, remote nursing, remote medical consultation and expand the application, so as to improve the hospital management efficiency and service quality.

A modern hospital is part of the urban medical security system, except for the patient to hospital service, also for the city of urban disaster reduction system of emergency care, health care, remote medical service and hospital collaboration between VIP patients in emergency rescue and care, medical treatment, in addition to the regulation of the ambulance, these functions are generally not possessed by television monitoring system, which is the main reason of the modern hospitals to realize the value added or additional services need to update the higher network technology, cloud computing, and digital technology, the main characteristics as follows:

Large range of monitoring: monitoring scope of modern hospitals is not limited to the monitoring in our hospital, and extended to the city within the scope of monitoring.

High level of monitoring: with the monitoring scope expansion of modern hospital, modern hospital network video system presents the characteristics of the hierarchical and ladder.

Technology is difficult: monitoring system requirements of modern management in different locations to monitor the running of the whole system and the processing of the accident, because the hospital monitoring area is large, so on the network topology is multiple network structure. Modern hospital digital video surveillance system needs and hospital control system, fire control system, alarm system, need to have special equipment to complete communication protocol conversion.


Second, the hospital hd network video monitoring system design

2.1 function design

Modern hospital digital video surveillance system should satisfy the following functions:

Authorization management of arbitrary point (ward, operating room and other departments) to monitor the camera rotate, zoom, variable pitch, capturing images);

Ward is in addition to the patients and medical staff, no other camera crews, and the whole work is by installing cameras to complete in the ward, ward staff do not feel any interference;

Centralized monitoring center management, storage and streaming media forwarding function in the integration of network video management platform, display system adopts stitching high-definition LCD TV wall;

Through the electronic map server to import the hospital floor plan, can be convenient to let a little camera photograph content instant into the screen;

Operating surveillance cameras used millions of high-definition cameras, guarantee of high-definition monitor the situation of the operating room, at the same time does not affect the normal operation, guarantee the accuracy of the expert remote surgery doctor more technical guidance;

On hospital management department to give the corresponding privileges (according to the specific requirements), implement the management of the whole monitoring network monitor;

Intercom function: the ward or other personnel can manually trigger the alarm button, point to point control center received alarm information real-time, equipment support automatic open this function, and trigger the alarm calls, and pop up the corresponding emergency alarm images;

Video data for long-term storage for later call, at the same time can also remote real-time teaching;

Remote visiting functions: the patient's relatives can remote video visiting relatives and friends via the Internet.

With other hospital safety control system, fire control system, alarm system linkage.

Scalable video intelligent analysis system, by calling the images of the video monitoring system, fully tap the key information, rise to prevent and control the occurrence of an emergency, improve the alarm accuracy and incident response speed, to reduce the risk of incident analysis omission or misjudgment. Currently using intelligent video analysis application can be realized through the alert area detection, cross-border inspection, wandering, gathered, such as illegal parking detection, items, legacy applications.

2.2 DICT digital surveillance network structure integrated management platform

And environment of the actual situation, according to the requirements of the system from the structure is divided into: front end point (millions of hd video camera), network video transmission (hospital Intranet and Internet access to the network and monitoring private network), the backend monitoring center (storage, management, display, etc.), the network client (the higher the monitoring center remotely monitor and playback, the patient's relatives can be remotely through the Internet video to visit relatives and friends), such as the following figure:



2.4 DICT digital monitoring integrated management platform function module

(1) the rights management

System adopts hierarchical user management mechanism, depending on the user identity to different operating authority. System administrators at all levels to distribution system operator; System operator can open an account, for the user to generate new user administrators and users, the user administrator can be set on the user's permissions; Can be the user of the system

In user group, can focus on empowerment, can individual empowerment to users; Devices can be programmed group or individual empowerment. Permission types include: system management permissions, video access, cloud mirror control permissions, alarm management authority, video management authority, etc.

(2) the equipment management

Equipment management module can be on the net, including servers, high-definition digital camera, the standard definition digital camera, simulation camera + digital encoder and decoder, terminal configuration; etc. Implement equipment attribute configuration, cancellation, equipment inquiry, the ranks, start/stop equipment, and other functions; Support for grouping the front-end equipment batch adding and batch configuration.

(3) the system management

Configuration management support system, including the equipment operation parameters, business related attributes, the remote online parameters configuration, batch processing function, configuration, template and config file to enable the issuance of the results, configuration, record keeping, platform software upgrade, the front-end equipment software upgrade, configuration, operating record query, etc.; System backup and recovery of function; Provide the log management; Through the clock source server, realize the clock work for all server and front-end equipment regularly correction function.

(4) the alarm management

Motion detecting alarm on the front-end equipment for allocation of intelligent video analysis, video screen shielding of the alarm configuration, front-end alarm linkage, client alarm linkage, etc.

(5) storage management

Support to achieve the centralized management of the storage devices, distributed storage, storage, fault alarm, storage management, storage management, video retrieval, and other functions.

(6) the system log

Use log records of operation system, including error situations and related affairs, logs are carries on the detailed record.

(7) real-time audio and video browsing

Support the management, control, and point to point video browsing, the user can according to the need of video image window to move any and layout, achieve 1/4/9/16 points screen; Support D1, 720 p and 1080 p hd resolution; Support C/S or B/S monitoring client mode; Support collection of real time audio broadcast; A call support preset and automatic reset; Support multiple screen monitor, round tour; Support video parameters Settings, subtitles superimposed training in rotation, picture, etc.

(8) audio intercom and audio broadcasting

Support for audio intercom and audio broadcast function.

(9) yuntai control

Support automatic cruise, prefabricated, lighting/wiper function; Support the variable regulation of lens is in focus distance, size,; Support for camera color, brightness, contrast and saturation of real-time control; Support the shortcut key control yuntai; Yuntai control support rights, occupy the most take up wait for a variety of patterns.

(10) video storage, download and playback

Support the front store, center centralized storage and three kinds of storage ways such as client-side storage; Support time, manual, video recording, alarm events trigger video and alarm to register, support draw frame video; Support video loop coverage; Support according to the different information such as time, place, and alarm type fast retrieval playback video, video playback support fast and slow feed, single frame, towing, pause, etc; Support any historical images second level all the way high efficient retrieval.

(11) alarm linkage

Front-end alarm linkage: support front alarm linkage, produce alarm, marked on the GIS map front alarm point, and related equipment, such as startup scene lighting, siren, entrance guard, etc.

The client alarm linkage: support client alarm linkage, alarm, according to distinguish between categories and tip with voice, image (pop).

Support joint monitoring point to point: when an alarm occurs, point to point linkage other cameras, according to the plan to track the monitoring stations.

(12) image capture

Support for the current monitoring images were captured.

(13) matrix control

Support the client control of the IP digital matrix decoder.

(14) video quality diagnosis function

System load operations of video quality diagnosis system, mainly used in video monitoring system of control center, through the way of polling for each analog or digital video signal automatic detection, using the advanced machine learning and computer vision technology, the simulation of human visual system, the video image signal loss, snowflakes, noise, fuzzy, partial color, screen freezes, gain imbalances and yuntai camera out of control and other common fault and the fault severity make accurate judgment, automatically record all test results.

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