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2000/500 road highway video monitoring solution

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the highway in China's rapidly outspread. Parts have already begun to monitoring of freeway and traffic construction of system and began to play a role. But with an increasingly large scale system application, how to effectively to form a large of more than 500 and 2000 road network high-definition monitor system, how to effectively protect and system maintenance is more and more become intelligent transportation security engineering concern.

Highway monitoring content mainly includes highway, toll station two parts. Utility, with many years experience in surveillance industry science and technology, and rich product line, launched a special highway monitoring transmission solution, this solution will be for you to solve the company faces several important questions:

1, highway road far, how to establish safe and reliable monitoring of transmission system?

Highways were built between the city and the city, the spatial span big, outdoor conditions, high maintenance costs. In the design of monitoring system should be chosen when mature technology, stable work of the equipment.

2, scattered toll station location, how to realize the centralized monitoring signal transmission?

As the end of the highway toll station monitoring, in the design and the highway was different. Its location is fragmented, how so many scattered around the toll station centralized monitoring signal transmission is a difficult problem.

3, how to solve the new and old systems, the compatibility of multiple system?

Highway system in the geographical position are widely distributed, new and old and signal transmission is a difficult problem.

According to these problems, these proposed the highway hd video monitoring the net electric speed 2000/500 road solution.


Program features:

1, have Wan Zhao/gigabit fiber network mode, compatible with ring, star topology structure;

2, possess multi-channel gm hd decoding output, meet the demand of high and clearly the screen connection port;

3, have a variety of camera access, including electrical, optical, and POE way;

4, port capacity, high exchange capacity configuration, three layers of video monitoring management perfect solution 1000-2000 road

Solution development figure:


Solution access layer product features:

Low professional video switching chip solutions

Suitable for video transmission of high-performance AVB protocol network exchange engine, high-speed chip built into the ARM processor, the large capacity cache and low power integrated circuits, make the system run more stable and reliable

Low high quality circuit technology

Gold-plated module PCB design and stable and reliable in the United States imported PCI socket, effectively prevent the oxidation and prolong service life, improve the integration of IC, improve line work and the stability of the port connection, reduce the maintenance cost

Low follow IEEE802.3 af/ats, the biggest support to 60 w

PoE switches each port to camera provides maximum support 60 w power, meet the demand of high-power PoE electrical equipment of power supply

Low double light double electric part

This part offers photoelectric dual port design, electricity can be used for local storage or short distance transmission. Light can be used for long distance transport

Low quality redundant power supplies

Security PBX average trouble-free time interval of 250000 hours of high quality power supply, with wide voltage, wide temperature, low radiation, high efficiency, the characteristics of the longevity noodles. Power supply redundancy switching to millisecond, ensure uninterrupted power supply

Low concise Web management

QoS strategy based on a variety of priority mode, support the IEEE 802.1 QVLAN, port gathering, spanning tree layer network management function, and software friendly interface, easy operation; To facilitate engineering personnel for setting and later maintenance

6 kv lightning protection standards, 8 kv electrostatic protection

Strong abilities of lightning and electrostatic protection, improve product stability

When a key recovery

Support a key recovery IP address and the user password Settings, is advantageous for the on-site management

This plan is widely used in highway, qian road video monitoring and other scenes.

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