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"Peace stadiums intelligent monitor and control system for the integration of the overall solution


  1. 1、Michael bell "peace stadiums intelligent integrated monitor and control system requirements

L "peace sports venues for the construction of the integration of intelligent security monitoring should be centered on the prevention and treatment of emergency. Security monitoring system to realize the emergency linkage and auxiliary analysis and decision, timely warning and control field in a variety of suspicious, emergencies happen. Compared with other building, building security monitoring system, sports venues security monitoring system has its own special requirements.

L image quality requirement is high, the real-time control. "Peace stadium" intelligent integrated monitor need to cover the entire stadium and venues surrounding area, range of point to point, high image resolution requirements. Crowded at the same time, stadiums, when the event occurs, need to see clear, fast, human activity and the changing situation, requirements for breaking the fast response and positioning, need has the very high real-time video monitoring.

L high stability and reliability. For "peace stadiums intelligent integrated monitor, stability and reliability is always in the first place. On the system design, should use mature technology and products, the key parts adopt redundancy design, to avoid any single point of failure and cause paralysis of the entire system or a failure of point to point; At the same time, want to combine all sorts of equipment testing measures, once a link problems, the system can find abnormal events in the first place, and timely solve effectively, can make sure the system is stable, reliable and continuous operation.

L venues overall safety protection requirements. Sports venues are generally a combination of multiple functional areas building a complex, not only want to consider the safety protection of the main stadium itself needs, and starting from the overall of sports buildings, the construction of technical prevention system of comprehensive, safe and effective. Including video, alarm, access control, fire control, and many other subsystems, these subsystems and organic unifies in together, the implementation platform level of connectivity and alarm linkage.

L emergency linkage and plans. "Peace stadiums intelligent integration to the sensitive area and security monitoring system should be able to target the implementation of intelligent monitoring early warning, timely and accurate processing for emergencies. When sudden incidents, the system can quickly find the best from lots of cameras monitoring point (camera). Pop up on the electronic map real-time image at the same time, to look at the incident scene, tracking and locking the target; To provide the most intuitive video information for emergency disposal, and according to the set for the best treatment plan for emergencies.

L the with video sharing platform. When stadiums during the games, focus on the venue security situation is not only the interior security personnel, public security, armed police, fire and other governmental departments need to be real-time understanding and mastering the interior and the surrounding situation; When necessary, also need to call video video footage. "Peace, therefore, sports venues," intelligent security integrated management platform integration should be a standard, open platform, allowing more docking system for video image resources sharing. Meet the requirements of concurrent access to a large number of users, and can provide stable real-time video preview, download historical images and authorized access control and other services.

2. Michael bell "peace stadiums intelligent integrated monitor and control system

Sports venues are typically made from a mix of multiple functional units of buildings, in the design of security system as a whole, need from sports venues overall prevention requirements, using a variety of security technology. Centralized management of the security monitoring system of the sports venues and control. Michael bell "peace stadiums intelligent integrated monitor and control system is mainly composed of intelligent video monitoring system, intelligent analysis of early warning systems, access control management system, perimeter and anti-theft alarm system, safety inspection system and security integrated management platform of six parts.


L intelligent video monitoring system: because of the video image quality, system stability and reliability of the monitoring system, the technology level of security monitoring system directly affect the sports venues and application effect; Therefore, video surveillance subsystem is the key of the sports venues construction security monitoring system.

(1) the hd technology. In the hd video monitoring technology, important parts of the sports venues for high quality video image acquisition, storage and display. For example using video image resolution of 720 p (1280 * 720) or 1080 p hd (1920 * 1080) solution as a whole. Can meet the sports venues crowded, complex parts, such as stream and high-definition video surveillance needs.

(2) the number of compressed video monitoring technology. The technology not only overcome the analog video image quality is low, many display in the disadvantages of signal attenuation, and overcome the problem of delay larger IP video images. At the same time of high-definition video acquisition, ensure the high real time capability of image transmission, can fully meet the needs of practical application.

Entrances, (3) the front end: point to point stadium, outdoor parking lot, the audience surrounding the square area, the museum panoramic wide range, such as key monitoring area can be deployed number of compression hd fast ball camera; Audience entrances, podium (area), VIP room, VIP channel, the referee area (area), athletes, competition administrative zones, the news media for key parts such as deployable network hd video camera. For other general hall room or channel monitoring target range is small, prevent request is not high, flexible deployment of sd or hd video camera.

(4) video image transmission, digital compression high-definition cameras have optical fiber interface, directly through the optical fiber access video integrated platform. Hd video image coding, matrix switch and output, according to achieve the result of high image quality, low transmission delay; IP video images through the stadium video transmission network access monitoring center core switches.

(5) security control center: sports venues master center mainly centralized management and control, the video image is supported by all kinds of application servers, storage devices and display control devices, etc. Master control center using video comprehensive unified switch control platform, large screen display wall, realize the output shows a large number of video images.

(6) security control center: the main realization of the goal of sports venues daily safety management, can also open the deputy during closed monitoring center. In order to satisfy the demands of daily patrol, inspection of security, to ensure the safety of the important parts of the surrounding buildings and internal.

L intelligent video analysis of early warning

Michael bell "peace stadiums intelligent integration, security monitoring system is to be found and unsafe factors, emergency disposal as the main target. Through video analysis technology, the user can according to the function of video content analysis, through the different camera preset different alarm rules in the scene, once the target in the scene appeared a violation of the predefined rules, the system will automatically send alarm; Monitoring workstation automatically pop up warning information and issue a warning sound, users can click on the alarm information, realize the alarm scene restructuring and take relevant measures.

L access control management subsystem

The sports venues generally have comparative perfect gateway control, and security requirement of the venue to exit control requires much higher than that in general enterprises, it is recommended that refer to the following design ideas. Gateway, the important parts of the studio will gymnasium (room), VIP room (area) of inward and outward, important items libraries and the financial main access control such as mouth inside the building is divided into professional classes and the public. Among them, the major entrance should combine with activity certificate management system, by reading the document contains information, realizes the identity and authority certification, professional personnel, athletes, officials, reporters and workers) in and out of control and management; Public entrances and ticketing system, admission control and management. Because the gym personnel is more, gateway information transmission control system has a higher request, so Michael bell "peace stadium" Ethernet control system integration of intelligent security monitoring system. Front entrance guard controller via Ethernet access management center, through the gateway control software to realize management and control, access control system and monitoring system integration at the same time, realize the entrance guard and the linkage of the intelligent monitoring system.

L perimeter and anti-theft alarm system

Stadium alarm system mainly includes the perimeter alarm system and security alarm system. Perimeter alarm system is the first barrier of stadium safe protection, mainly to prevent illegal personnel to climb over the fence, or the fence, to exclude foreign unsafe factors outside of the sports venues. Important items in libraries, the treasurer room inside the building, major studios, information center, monitoring center, the deployment of intrusion detection system or emergency help button. Prevent the gymnasium important instruments, such as property theft or damage. System adopts the bus architecture, access alarm host front-end probe through the bus module, the alarm host by IP access alarm server, with the linkage of the intelligent video surveillance system. The illegal invasion at the time, the probe will send alert information, through the center of the controller and the video surveillance devices such as linkage. The system automatically open the light, sound and video equipment, make the center in a timely manner to understand the situation, security guards ChuJing quickly to the gym.

L safety inspection system

Sports venues, set up an off-line or on-line type electronic patrol system, on-line electronic patrol subsystem can be set up independent or and the integration of on-line access control subsystem. Explosion-proof safety inspection system for explosives, weapons or other contraband stipulated by the real-time, effective detection, display, record and report to the police.

L security integrated management platform

Michael bell "peace stadiums intelligent integrated monitor and control system based on SOA system architecture of the integration of a variety of security subsystem networking platform, can manage from dozens to thousands of monitoring point scale of monitoring system. Systems support analog, digital and analog access mode of architecture at the same time, and support the anti-theft alarm, intelligent analysis report to the police, entrance guard alarm and fire alarm and alarm signal source of access. Intelligent video surveillance subsystem, the entrance control subsystem, alarm subsystem, intelligent analysis subsystem and other security monitoring systems integration management. Security monitoring system to meet the sports venues or one-time unified deployment requirements step by step, to achieve optimal system overall investment.

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