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Shenzhen MBeller Technology Co., Ltd. is leading security monitoring products and intelligent home suppliers and solve solution provider. We focus on Hi3518EV200 and Hi3516CV200 serials IP cameras and related server system and Apps.

We have industry's leading independent core technology and sustainable development capacity, provide high-definition cameras monitoring network, 3 g WIFI network high-definition cameras, high-definition camera, high-definition cameras 4 g networks, DVS hd video transfer server, intelligent doorbell system, all kinds of wireless Internet security accessories, center management platform software and other security products, and for financial, public security, telecommunications, transportation, justice, education, electricity, water conservancy, military, and many other industries to provide a suitable niche products with professional industry solutions. These products and solutions are widely applied to more than 100 countries and territories worldwide.

The company's marketing and service network covering all over the world, customers throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, South Africa, India, dubai, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Italy, Australia, France, Spain, Britain, Poland and other countries and regions.

We will be adhering to the \"professional, thick, integrity, continuous innovation\" spirit of enterprise, such as remembering \"social safety is our responsibility, in order to\" customer as the center \"continuously improve the quality of products, and create more value for customers, and make it easy for everyone enjoy safe, convenient, stable and high quality life easily, to be respected, global outstanding professional company and security industry leader.


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