Android client software engineer

Senior Android client software development engineer


1. Good personality, entrepreneurial passion;

2) more than 2 years of APP development experience, network cameras, streaming media client development experience is the best;

3) Bachelor degree or above, have a good computer network and operating system

E-commerce Manager / Supervisor

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for e-commerce platform Taobao shop C and tmall, Beijing east the store on the net, Alibaba, HC360, the whole operation and the daily management, responsible for store the overall planning, construction, in the planning activities, provide network marketing strategy, resource development, the level of after-sales service standards;

2, to develop a monthly sales plan and service level goal of ascension, according to data flow, consultation, transformation, promotion effect to do a full range of assessment. According to the results of data analysis and for goods of programming, combinatorial, increase the competition ability of the product.

3, responsible for the shop network marketing and promotion of the program, and strive to achieve through all kinds of Taobao resources, activities, promotions and sales target to complete the shop;

4, responsible for the store promotion budget, marketing programs, marketing tools, improve the click rate and browse, according to the actual situation of fine-tuning the shop product line, promotion methods, product key words, etc.;

5, responsible for store daily data analysis, including daily orders, customer price, PV, UV and other data, according to the results of the analysis to adjust the operation of the shop.

6, responsible for the daily management of the Department and department staff management, training, guidance, the completion of the operation of the store KPI development and assessment, incentive team performance growth;

7, responsible for customer service team training and management, coordination and work with the departments of convergence and coordination, and lead the team to complete the task of the company;

Post qualification:

1, college degree or above, more than two years of Tmall or Taobao network enterprise class shop management experience;

2, proficient in Tmall or Taobao network marketing rules, familiar with Taobao network members shopping habits and shopping psychology;

3, familiar with Tmall or Taobao network marketing tools, familiar with SEO technology, the promotion of the station inside and outside has a unique view;

4, good planning and promotion ability and project execution ability;

5, have a wealth of market operation experience, strong market development ability; proficient in brand building and product promotion;

6, logical thinking clear and structured, independent thinking and innovative ability, pay attention to the details and implementation;

7, with strategic thinking and overall awareness, and the various departments to coordinate the work in an orderly manner, to be able to work goal oriented, effective incentive and training team members;

8, strong learning ability, strong writing skills, with excellent public relations ability, communication ability and organization and coordination ability.

9, familiar with the security monitoring industry products is preferred;

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