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Cloud computing into the security cloud model to promote new trends in video surveillance

2016-07-30 22:47:30 mbel 阅读

In the rapid development of computer technology today, cloud computing is no stranger to the word. And in the security surveillance industry provided the concept of "cloud", not chase fashion, but because video monitoring is a typical unstructured data and processing is very difficult; therefore, in the current environment, if you want to further application of these data, be sure to use cloud computing, and so is the development trend of the whole security monitoring industry.


Analysis on the current situation of China's cloud computing

Cloud computing is composed of three aspects: network operators, service providers and technology providers; public cloud server in addition to Telecom in structures outside, because security manufacturers in various provinces and municipalities telecommunications room to build double cloud servers and their products provide service platform, it is not difficult to achieve, so there are some security manufacturers also in the building. But now the domestic do good but did not find a few, will actually be a no small investment, but there are several domestic security companies still have a certain spectrum of cloud computing plans, such as Hikvision, China three.

Now the situation in China and in building public cloud server (mainly face is home security and personal shops security), if operators and several large state-owned enterprises, telecom company has the advantage, the security company to build little advantage, if large engineering companies didn't follow up, in the industry come out, then can only with these companies go.

Business users can uses public cloud, the security industry project can not be used in the public cloud, at best, a large private cloud, private cloud can understand themselves to build their own use, such as the Ministry of Railways Construction their own private cloud, put each line monitoring received together? - cloud, private industry, of course, small and medium-sized project developers have an opportunity.

Industry of private cloud, or it is necessary, if the public cloud operators to build, then the business users on the whole so that operators bundled away, and small and medium engineering business after the meal did not eat. Like the police are now on the high definition of district public security as the unit, the building is very messy. If a city public security video surveillance as an example, application of cloud computing is the scattered data, integration, virtualization, physics is isolated, the logic is through, to establish a unified computing and storage pool, unified allocation of computing power, storage allocation can save a lot of things, at least room space is saved.

In addition, security companies if you want to better use of cloud computing, but also the need for a unified standard and protocol, because the major companies have to build their own platform, compatible with each other is not good, it will restrict its development.

Cloud computing with video analysis of the meeting point in what areas?

Cloud computing basic characteristics is using distributed computing, parallel computing and virtualization, video resources like water and electricity as on-demand use although video surveillance with cloud with the value is very high but the monitoring front-end system only the camera and encoder, and is in the middle of the network, to want to focus on the cloud (centralized storage and processing resources) can only store and video analysis and management platform can also be high in the clouds.

Some Internet users believe that the video analysis calculation put in front, front calculation can not only ensure the image fidelity and can ensure the processing speed, and if in the cloud computing, on the one hand, image compression recognition accuracy is not high; on the other hand, network transmission, computer CPU resources to immediate allocation of processing speed is not guaranteed, and now front-end chip computing power is already high, video analysis is not necessary with cloud.

This will actually be better placed in the front, but the utility is still on the back end of the deal when processing will be better. Can not be denied, due to the limitations of the front-end analysis is still very large, the future based on the back end of the analysis is more dominant. Future applications, video analysis is not in the front end processing; this relates to the level of data mining; intelligent are in back-end processing integrated platform is the kingly way, backend centralized storage and processing, centralized backup and video analysis, intelligent retrieval future of items is the trend, especially peace such cities, especially for the industry

Personally feel that from the current application and long-term perspective, the video analysis should be deployed in the back end. For real-time requirements of the high, not suitable for the back end, because the network will be delayed. Video analysis on the front or back end of the specific application is the best combination of the front and back

Cloud computing into the field of security has an important impact on the surveillance

Recently, listed company Hikvision (002415, stock it) and Ali cloud computing was formally signed, the two sides will jointly promote the cloud computing and data technology in the field of home monitoring, personal safety and safe city construction applications. With the gradual infiltration of cloud computing, big data, the development of the security industry has reached a historic turning point, which gives the vast number of enterprises to bring new opportunities.

First of all, for cloud computing business model, enterprises can subdivision industry as the starting point, such as in education, health, family, individual businesses, environmental protection and other fields, for specific users provide professional security cloud services.

Again, in cloud computing, to the impact of large data in the field, will have corresponding opportunities, such as improving intelligent video technology, improve the video coding technology, to participate in the formulation of standards, participate in video cloud service platform construction and so on.

In the wave of cloud computing, explore and develop security cloud business model; under the wave of big data, innovative business functions, rich security cloud services. Companies have to embrace cloud computing, big data, change the development of ideas, innovative business model, the use of new technology to develop new business, in the new era of security cloud to meet new opportunities and challenges.

Cloud computing to monitor the development of help

The current intelligent analysis equipment is mainly in the front end of the control point for installation and control, but the actual effect is not ideal. And if the use of cloud computing technology, then it can be in the back end of the network through the intelligent analysis of idle nodes, resulting in a smaller

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