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Application of Mabel high definition NVR in small and medium scale video surveillance system

2016-07-30 22:41:27 mbel 阅读

Mabel HD NVR product mainly as in small center storage and distributed storage devices use, is ideal for constructing high-efficiency pure IP digital platform can meet the existing simulation system upgrade to the requirements of IP video surveillance system.

By the demand characteristics of small high-definition network video monitoring project of Mabel HD NVR

Small scale users generally refers to the monitoring of the size of several monitoring points to the following 60 monitoring points, mainly used for small areas of video surveillance and video storage. Due to the small size of monitoring, is generally not set up a special monitoring center only monitoring, data collecting and recording area of everyday situations, has afterwards video viewing, timely detection of abnormal and realize alarm function, can realize the efficient, safe and convenient for the remote monitoring of various, deal with emergencies quickly and accurately, to remote access to front-end video image, and for the user to future system upgrade to stay in redundancy, can be flexible expansion and upgrading.

1, open: on the market more and more NVR support onvif, psia and 28181 protocols or standards, standardization and openness can let the system more effective and more comprehensive, has a strong network of services (support DHCP, PPPoE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPnP, email, IP rights, IP search cable, alarm center etc.), perfect (web, client, SDK package, easy to achieve interoperability.

2, simple network: Based on IP network to construct a more flexible system, reduce intermediate links, business monitoring image source between the user and the fast direct, application more efficient, resource inputs also more economical, easily achieve a variety of network penetration, step can realize remote monitoring, discard all kinds of complicated network settings, simple.

3, flexible deployment: the requirements of the system network is simple, flexible, any monitoring points can be used to access the nearest way access network, constitute the system.

4, stable and reliable storage: storage center, front storage two storage support, and support application mode of simple and effective, can significantly extend the service life of the hard disk and make important video data is not lost due to damage to the hard disk.

5, the management is convenient: NVR network management can realize the network transmission and all IP front-end full monitoring and centralized management, including equipment state monitoring and parameters of browsing, bring their own domain name server (arsp) and remote monitoring a key enabled.

6, high security: the use of embedded hardware and embedded software, safe and reliable, no virus intrusion, the perfect protection circuit and the unique three watchdog function can ensure that the device will never crash.

7, simple and easy to use: the system is easy to use, easy to use, to support the control of the keyboard, mouse, remote control, WEB, and other operating methods for different types of users to provide a multi direction of use.

8, can support 3G dial-up, WIFI module expansion; support for a variety of web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), etc..

9 and for small network video surveillance system, the embedded Mabel NVR mainly can access management 8, 16, 25, 32, 64 Channel HD network video, compact device, low power consumption, high definition camera management support, videos, storage and real-time decoding show that and pay more attention to the configuration flexibility, user experience, and integrated intelligent analysis function is that high price, easy to use, is the best choice for family, kindergarten, warehouse, chain stores, factories, shops and other small, mini type network video monitoring project, the system schematic diagram as shown in Figure 1.


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