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Overseas security market to go strong security companies how to move towards internationalization

2016-07-30 22:38:06 mbel 阅读

With the global economy is recovering, in Europe and the United States as the representative of the traditional security market demand began to recover, and the Middle East, Latin America and other emerging markets for crime prevention and control and other factors also showed strong demand, overseas markets will further recovery. Overseas market concentration degree is low, the demand will also promote more domestic security companies go out of the country, although it will face some of the domestic counterparts of low price competition situation, but the brand, delivery and service will replace the price was to become an important factor for overseas customers favor. Through the cultivation of globalization vision and attract global talent, building a global delivery system and suitable for local products, part with technical, financial strength, brand influence and large-scale production capacity of security companies are quickly out of the country, and further enhance the overseas market share.




Domestic security companies continue to expand overseas markets

2014 security companies overseas expansion still maintain the previous efforts, the overseas market continues to expand, Hikvision in the semi annual report pointed out with the developed countries in Europe and America security video surveillance market fast recovery, a significant rise in demand at the same time, the Middle East, Latin America and other emerging economic body of security video surveillance market demand also in the rapidly expanding, its overseas market achieve sales revenue 16.17 billion yuan, 107.38% growth over the same period last year.

UOB shares in the semi annual report pointed out that in 2014, the company timely grasp opportunities for recovery in overseas markets, to accelerate the pace of internationalization, overseas sales continues to improve rapidly. Dahua on all continents, established a relatively complete sales channels, Dahua brand has overseas markets in some form sufficient competitiveness and influence. In the first half of 2014 China achieved operating income of 969 million yuan, an increase of 66.62%. Domestic security listed companies continue to expand overseas markets, but also to remind other security companies how to look at the overseas security market, how to better go out.

Security industry as a new technology industry in China has gone through 30 years, has made rapid development. Especially in the "fifteen, 11th Five-Year" period has become the golden period of development of the security industry. During this period, the market demand and product sales become the drive the main force of industrial development, market and sales channel network of enterprise has become the main body of the expansion of the industry, constitutes a sales oriented development of the industry structure and their long-term development. During 12th Five-Year, China's security industry has entered a period of adjustment, the industry as a whole experienced a bottleneck in the development. With the gradual adjustment of China's economic development structure, the slowdown in economic growth, as before for the development of the security industry leading force of the financial investment gradually occupies the second place, and the industry as a whole how to find new impetus to the development, the industry's future development direction? How to combined with the state's overall economic development planning and better? Has become China's security industry need to crack the puzzle.

In the face of changing industry environment and new market demands, security companies should better focus on the future, through the development of long-term development strategy to promote the steady development of the industry and enterprises. In general, the security enterprise development strategy should be to capital transport as the main means, through the integration of industrial chain, advantage resources continue to invest in high profit, cost is relatively low project, to create a strong enterprise profitability, reduce the overall operating costs of enterprises, to achieve the goal of high security enterprise value growth. Under such a large strategic context, expanding overseas markets will become an important part of the development strategy of security companies.

Through the security of all aspects of the industry value chain we can see, the whole industry profit rate of the highest link development, integration, operation and service, and China's domestic security companies in the above three aspects of profit rate is relatively low. R & D, for example, the patent technology of 50% of the master in the hands of the security company, and China's domestic security companies in R & D funds investment aspects, while growing, actual strength of research and development also has made great progress, but compared with foreign security companies in developed countries, the gap is still large. This is a serious impact on the acquisition of Chinese security enterprises in the international market discourse right and profit. This caused our security companies in manufacturing, integration, sales and many other aspects, due to the need to pay the high cost of patent, greatly increased the cost of spending, making the corresponding profit reduction. This also means that the future security enterprise wants to obtain the considerable development needs to make a breakthrough from the and need to participate in the competition in the international market, more through the elements of international industrial competition access to realize the industrial chain division of labor, to obtain greater profits, to establish a good brand, which led to Chinese placed the promotion and development of the whole industry.

The main features of foreign security market

Developed countries development of security industry has experienced four very distinct stages: 1. User type transformation from business users is mainly to residential customers; 2. Sources of income from to install equipment sales, engineering change for network service fee collection; 3. Alarm from in a wired alarm, local video surveillance based, change as the wired and wireless dual alarm, remote video monitoring; 4. The scale of the enterprise from the small monomer network management center, the monitoring center mainly into based on large-scale network management center. After the transformation of the above four stages, the developed countries security enterprise in the business operation mode and the operation mode has the remarkable promotion.

In the mode of business operation, the developed countries have the following basic types of security companies: first, the multinational companies. The world famous security transnational corporation is very big, its characteristic is the engineering installation, the network monitor and the operation service in a body, has the advantage position of the oligopoly. In the city, community, public security services, services, moderate size, mainly for personnel and property security services, with regional advantages; the third category is security operators. With regional advantages, the use of integrated network operations and bundling way to occupy the regional monopoly advantage; the fourth category is the installation of service providers. By providing technical support to the maintenance of the security system; the fifth is personal medical emergency rescue system operators. To provide health and medical services through the expansion of the functions of medical institutions and medical institutions and insurance companies.

From the business model point of view, the developed countries are currently mainly used networking

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