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Ember will be a strong hit in Beijing in 2015

2016-07-17 22:10:43 mbel 阅读

Ember will be a strong hit in Beijing in 2015

Solstice, July 16, 2015 in Beijing. China international exhibition center (new) hold the 13th ember. Exhibition captures content security industry series products, and expand "anti-terrorism contingency", "technical support of police", "intelligent transportation", "Internet of things technology and application" and other new content, and add new professional exhibition. The year, this year the industry's biggest event Beijing ember will attracted more than 1000 enterprises and brands at home and abroad.

As the industry's leading security companies, Michael bell with a full range of advantages incoming product strength! Solution during the exhibition, the exhibition industry leading products: Ann the solution on the network camera, AHD simulation HD products, hd-sdi products has attracted the attention of many customers at home and abroad!


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