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Commercial and free version on the system functions there a difference?

2016-07-12 21:43:48 mbel 阅读

On April 14 to 17, 2014 MPH bell security exhibition held in guangdong, this exhibition has attracted 490 enterprises from 26 countries and regions, the exhibition is divided into security solutions, CCTV and video monitoring, fire control and security protection, information technology, smart card and the bank security solution four big modules, shows the burglar alarm, closed-circuit television monitoring and supervision system, identification, access control and attendance management, fire protection and fire safety, anti-terrorism and customized equipment, safe construction, communications and public disaster warning system, and other products, at the same time also held all kinds of BBS is introduced new trends of the market, launching new products and new technology


In recent years I economy continues to grow at an annual rate of 6-7%, security market is booming, and its security equipment and services industry's annual growth rate of more than 10%. Surrounding areas in our country is extremely important platform for the public safety products business, since 2012, Michael bell has three consecutive terms, show strong capabilities of independent brands. We especially pay attention to this exhibition, the company brought millions of HD webcam, hd-sdi high-definition cameras with HD DVR, NVR, no matter from the monitoring effect of products, product appearance design, or manufacturing process, products have been domestic widespread recognition and praise from all walks of life friend..

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