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Inventory home security: giant IT for 20 YiAn cake

2016-07-12 21:41:59 mbel 阅读


With the continuous progress of urbanization in our country, and the government, the wisdom of city construction of safe city attaches great importance to, security industry market size will still be growing. 2013 peace city construction leading domestic security monitoring market scale will reach 70 billion, by 2015, the security industry output value is 500 billion yuan, "twelfth five-year" period average compound growth rate of around 20%. Security industry chain will benefit fully, family security industry as an important development trend, gradually giants in the IT field, the future development prospect.

2 billion cake Shared family security market

According to relevant personage introduction, China's household security market is still in its infancy, is similar to smart home field, many enterprises are exploring, but can be expected in the future market size is very large. China has more than 200 million urban households, the next five years is expected to at least 5% of the families to consider security products installed in the home, there will be 2 billion yuan per year on average market demand.

In order to cut to family security as soon as possible this big "cake", domestic and foreign IT companies from the start of 2012 has been reached in succession. Domestic manufacturers follow up faster is hikvision, launched in 2012, the whole function of family security products C1 and services related to it: cloud video platform "7" video sites, compatible with IOS and android mobile terminal APP. Allows the user to remotely monitor the home movements. In addition, the HOME appliance giant haier launched based on the "smart HOME" series of products U - HOME, the first domestic computer brand lenovo launched "cloud" video, and other products, all reveal the family security "spring has come."

Giant IT for a cake

Family security, like all new things, has brought the huge opportunity, but also accompanied by challenges. Domestic all kinds of IT vendors want to points on a big piece of cake in front of the international giants, there are still many problems to be solved: computer, household appliances manufacturers brands, channels for home users, but lack of form a complete set of products and services, IT is difficult to form a family oriented whole solution; Hardware manufacturers and traditional security companies are better at design mature products and professional services solution, but the lack of perfect for home users of sales channels, brand awareness in the field of household consumption, product appearance and affinity.

Difficult even if exists, but IT elite in China face has boldly cross out this big cake.

Haier full in the first half of this year, on the marketing and philips dozen neck; Lenovo to capture life "fun" relocation household products, and was named "at home", in an attempt to reduce the distance with consumers; D - the link is introduced a high school low-end series of security products, strive to meet the needs of each segment the crowd.

While traditional security vendors hikvision security market but also from a strategic height attaches great importance to the family, not only introduced a set of monitoring, security alarm, cloud storage, minimalist installation in a body's hardware products, have set up a specialized research and development, marketing, customer service team, launched the "7" video professional service and the "shang hai kang electricity network sales channels. Most importantly, its in order to get rid of the stereotype of the professional manufacturers, the security products for its family to design and build a new brand, we have learned, the brand in the end of October this year in shenzhen "ember will" on new appearance.

Full of competition, will bring great options market, in the face of domestic household security this big cake, many Chinese IT companies have been in the first place out of the hand. We have reason to believe that the future of the domestic security market, no longer like a digital camera market, there will be at least half of China's enterprises.

Wireless monitoring is widely to individuals and families

The level of science and technology development, the economic level and cognitive, home network surveillance cameras will get very good popularity. Home wireless video monitoring user demand for video surveillance is relatively simple, mainly concentrated in the video image and alarm linkage service demand, delay of monitoring system, such as too high on the storage requirements. But as a result of huge data and signal flow, strong network dependence, need family deployment family factors such as wireless gateway, restricting the development of family and personal network video monitoring, so home wireless video monitoring research and development and promote the difficulty is bigger, also has not been much home wireless monitoring application. The difficulties mainly has two aspects: cost problem and understanding.

In the family/personal security is most important in prevention consciousness. Most of the time due to personal negligence itself damage cases. Security products in the future, how to sell to customers, how to change a personal security concept will become the key of the enterprise. And future personal/family use wireless network monitoring equipment must be more additional features the combination of life, can really attract individual buyers. Additional communication information, home entertainment, such as multiple functions such as community service. At the same time, because of security prices

Too much personal or family not to choose a big reason for the wireless network monitoring equipment. Only improve labor efficiency, lower commodity prices, will eventually get personal family security this market big cake.

Intelligent terminal leads the way

These two years, mobile phone industry's competition will be our mobile communication technology to bring a new peak. Since nokia dynasty demise, to which there is no mobile brand seems to be able to return to the nokia dynasty era is the peak of the casting. And it also reflects the current mobile terminal market competition is fierce. As a result, from the smart home to the anti-theft alarm, or a video monitor, if don't correspond with mobile terminals, seem to appear to keep up with fashion.

Actually for household anti-theft devices, mobile has become the current read a very interesting. From when we mention sim card vehicle positioning, and then to some household alarm telephone alarm. Too much functionality is binding the cell phone, it also reflects the current combination of household security from the simple to active prevention and royal guard against theft of a trend. In this trend, in the evolution of the mobile phone has become a very important one annulus.

Of course, for the current mobile terminal alarm function, though the popularity is not too low. But always have on the use of all kinds of stumble. Various stunt fee, all kinds of unstable factors are also testing the user's patience. And mobile phone function is same, in my opinion, has been a mainstream trend of family security. For these fees behavior, while what will today let us produce "awkward" feeling. But with the deepening of the family security and the development of the function, the cost of this class I'm afraid it's going to die sooner or later.

Cloud computing allows variations in patterns

Intelligent household concept in this don't do too much, it is informally through automation control system realize intelligent management of household appliances. Simple, for example, in order to save valuable time from work, you need to remote control the bath water heater for you; Through the control system, window, curtain closed and open time can be according to your personal schedule. In a world of mobile Internet, through a button can control everything in the home, instead of manual operation. Family cloud applications in smart home what new tricks? Mainly includes the following:

Intelligent wireless connection: family cloud cover all want to control the facilities in the home, using intelligent wireless connection, enjoy zero no cable.

Large capacity storage and sharing: family is equivalent to a third party cloud data storage, you can put the want to see through the content of the mobile terminal backup to the cloud, any equipment connect the cloud can access to information. You can sit on a sofa of hd movies on TV, you can also use the lie on the bed.

Remote control: the concept of smart home system has remote control, but the demand of all the equipment must be connected to the same LAN. Need to involve operators, mobile phone long distance remote control is currently the biggest barrier to family intelligent household wan cloud application.

Security system in the family in, the cloud concept is mainly manifested in monitoring alarm and storage management. Home monitoring system relies mainly on the network, the manufacturer provides network surveillance cameras and docking services platform, realize the linkage system, the user authorization management of family security, providing real-time monitoring image by a third party platform.

This way of monitoring and family DIY is different, the manufacturer shall be responsible for monitoring and managing video data, the user through a user name and password to check. If the old man in the home appear abnormal phenomenon, the manufacturer inform hospitals can be straight and told to family members. For owner released more working space, real-time monitor the home by the manufacturer.

By the manufacturer on behalf of the management also to surveillance video, according to the demand will sign a confidentiality agreement with the user, ensure video footage is not leaked. For users, this to the third party on behalf of the management actually saved a home purchase monitoring hardware equipment and maintenance costs, at the same time by a professional team of network monitoring is not restricted by time and place, users enjoy the multimode real-time monitoring efforts, speed is not the problem, the security is not a problem.

Security Gao Qingcheng inevitable trend

For a long time, the family security is in need of hd debate has become the focus of many people. For the years of the surveillance cameras just coming into the family, seem to be directly to the requirements of the hd really let a person look at some dazzling. For just a few began, after all, recognized the concept of civil monitoring, monitoring and control system of the higher costs and high-definition monitor cost price is quite a few users. Stunning In the organization of the surveillance cameras have become a new, high consumption of hd is clearly unacceptable. Besides, not to mention what more practice.

However, as household hd has gradually to break his own field, the traditional concept is happening quietly changed. Today, home security equipment dedicated have become increasingly mature, and on the function, combining the characteristics of family environment many devices are no longer will monitor as your only job. As a result, alarm, detection of home security equipment. Monitoring applications, of course, not only not represents the lack of monitoring requirements, whereas the predominantly monitoring alarm demand will monitor stronger position on a basic demand. Therefore, it is natural for hd work ability also become the basis of accurate warning shots.

In addition, as the home monitoring equipment function increasingly rich, from the case detected in daily communication, home monitoring has become an increasingly indispensable carrier. Then, the role of home monitoring is not only limited to "see the criminal behavior" requirements, and hd is destined to become inevitable.

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