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  1. MBR800H remote control
  2. MBR800H remote control
  3. MBR800H remote control
  4. MBR800H remote control
  5. MBR800H remote control

MBR800H remote control

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  • Brand :Mbel

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  1. Detailed information


One, compact and convenient

Thin, exquisite, compact portable

Two, intelligent learning on the code

Adapter alarm host, matching is simple and quick, a host can be equipped with a number of remote control,

The whole family, including the elderly, children can easily use

Three, all the precautions in place

Light press to switch to the function you need, caring for your life

Four, environmental protection mute design

Ultra low DB to give the family a comfortable environment

Five, one million password combination

Built in 1000000 sets of RF wireless password combination, safe and reliable

Six, super after 1 years of free battery

Innovative energy-saving design, battery long standby 1 years, replacing the trouble of frequent battery replacement

Seven, intelligent add

Description of the back of the two-dimensional code, a key to add remote control



Press the "protection" button, deployed on the host;

(2) disarm

Press the "removal" button, to disarm the host;

(3) SOS

Press the "SOS" button to send a distress signal to the host;

(4) the code

Press the "code" button, and the host to match the code;

* press the remote control any one button, located in the remote control above the indicator light will go off after about 400ms.

800H MBR remote control parameter table


technical parameter

RF emission band


RF radio frequency modulation mode


RF transmit power


RF wireless communication open distance

40 meters

Battery instructions

CR2032 button cell 3V

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